Thankfully, we will be getting married on July 12th! However, the venue has changed to a new location. You will find it under "events". Please reach out to me by call or text if you have questions!
Erin & Lucas




Erin and Lucas

Our Story

Our story started like many other great college romance stories start: at the cafeteria lunch line. Erin was waiting in front of me, and I, being the bold freshman I was (not), could not help but ask this amazingly gorgeous girl her name and her major, specially after noticing her in so many other occasions.

A few weeks later, I found out our school had a spring event called Monty’s. Monty’s is a fancy talent show in a theater in LA, and guys are supposed to ask a girl out for it. So I did everything in my power to find Erin alone across campus to have a shot of asking if she would go to the Monty’s with me. Apparently she decided to hide in her room for two weeks, cause I could not find her anywhere. But the Lord works in funny ways, and one day, while doing homework with a friend, I see her passing by… by herself. She sits on a table alone, and my friend pushes me to go ask her. After that, we went to the Monty’s with another couple and had a ton of fun. I remember being by a bonfire at the beach and just looking at her and thinking she was soooo beautiful.

And the rest is history:

I met her family
We started dating
I went to Sacramento (a lot)
My relationship with the Barr’s came to be one of the most special relationships I’ve ever had
Our love for each other and for Christ grew stronger and stronger
And I still had no idea how a guy like ME was dating someone like her. It didn’t take me long to realize I wanted to marry her


After many trips to the beach, surf sessions, fun dates, lots of ice cream, lots of studying together, and the most amazing years getting to know each other better, I took the BOLD move of asking her dad for her hand.

One detail though:

I had absolutely no idea how I was going to marry this girl. All I knew was that I wanted to. That I loved her so much and that I could not imagine life without her whatsoever. That God was so good in allowing us to date, and that it would be the craziest miracle if I could ever get close to spending the rest of my life with her.

It happens that God many times surprises us with much more than we deserve. So, in case you were wondering, Mr.Barr gave me the blessing to marry his daughter, I bought a ring (that burned in my pocket for 5 months) and proposed to the love of my life. And she said yes.




The best decision of my life after bending my knees to my savior, and clear evidence there is no such thing as ‘’impossible’’ for God and His will. Me and Erin are getting married, and we could not help but praise our Creator for His amazing grace in saving us from our sin and taking two young people from two different countries to share life together for His glory. I love Erin with all I am, and knowing we get to enjoy each other till the end of our days is the best thing I could ever ask for.

‘’For from him and through him and to him are all things. To him be glory forever. Amen.’’ - Romans 11.36
Susan Moyal