Thankfully, we will be getting married on July 12th! However, the venue has changed to a new location. You will find it under "events". Please reach out to me by call or text if you have questions!
Erin & Lucas




Things to Do

Auburn Hike

Looking for a hike? To enjoy the California mountains and water? My family and I have hiked and picniced here several times. Lucas and I have enjoyed many walks, runs, and laughs here! Our go-to trail is "Quarry Trail".

Bloom Coffee

Any coffee lovers like me?! Lucas introduced me to authentic Brazilian black coffee--since then, I have grown to enjoy coffee! The last 2 years, Lucas and I have enjoyed many "coffee dates", both here in the States and Brazil! The location is below if you are interested!

The Flower Farm Inn Café

The venue has a quaint and lovely cafe if anyone wants to enjoy a tasty meal or drink at the farm!
Susan Moyal