Thankfully, we will be getting married on July 12th! However, the venue has changed to a new location. You will find it under "events". Please reach out to me by call or text if you have questions!
Erin & Lucas




Wedding Party

Alyssa Barr

Maid of Honor

Where to start? The sweet and gracious gift the Lord has given me is easily a twin sister--my buddy since I was born. This girl is an incredible woman of God. In my life, she has stood by me with grace, strength, and love. I am beyond thankful to have Aly not only as my twin, but now as my maid of honor. What a joy it is to have her stand next to me on my wedding day!

Elisabeth Barr


Since day 1 at the Masters alumni day, Liz has been an increbile woman of God. When I look back, how little I knew of the amazing plan God had in store?! In all of that, He allowed Liz to marry my brother and now for me to have the gift of having a amazing sister in law. I am so thankful for Liz as a sister-in-law! These last few years, it has been so awesome to see her love my brother, be a wife, and be a godly example to me.

Laura English


Laura has been my best friend these last 4 years at Master's. From first rooming together in Haiti for a soccer missions trip our freshman year to rooming together the last 2 years at the "Dub", Laura has been such a great friend to me. She was first there with me when I asked her to come to "hang out with Lucas"...little did I know that would be the same place Lucas would propose! Anyway, Laura is a baller on the field, hilarious, kind, selfless, and sucha a genuine person. Her friendship to me is more than I deserve and I am so excited she can celebrate this next step with me!

Caio Nunes

Best Man

Longboarding, surfing, lots of eating, studying scripture, going to youth group, serving at youth group, and travelling to the beach within one week of getting his driver's license to camp without knowing a thing about camping are a few reasons why I consider Caio my brother. He has seen me grow in Christ, meet the love of my life and saw me wiping out in many Brazilian waves. He is an awesome man of God and I cannot way to have him here in the US to celebrate next to me and Erin!

Andre Cardoso


As you can tell by this picture, I have known Andre for a very long time. He is my brother, and the Lord gave me an amazing gift in him. He has taught me so much about what it means to love the Lord and trust Him, and to love people unconditionally. He is incredibly smart, loves to read and was responsible to buy the first dog my family has ever owned (and the only one so far haha). Anyway, I am so blessed to have a younger brother I can look up to and see as an example for my life.

Daniel Cardoso


If you are looking for Daniel in the wedding, just find the best dancer in the dance floor. There's 95% chance it will be him. If he's not there, you can find him eating food for his first ever #bulkseason. All jokes apart, Daniel is my youngest brother and such a huge blessing in my life. He loves with the kindest heart, spends true quality time with people and cares in the most genuine way possible.I am super excited to have him in the U.S for the first time so he can finally eat as much Sour Patch kids as he wants.

Nathan Barr


Nate is Erin's brother. As you can tell if you've made it this far, I am the oldest sibling in my family, but that is about to change. I am about to get an oldest brother-in-law and a sister-in-law in his wife, Liz, that I never thought I'd have. Ever since I met Erin Nate has been an amazing example of godliness, faithfulness, trust in God, fun and good dance moves. Much of what I know about how to love a woman is due to the way he loves Liz, and I cannot believe we'll get to be a part of the same family. If you are looking for Nate in the wedding, he will definitely be crashing the dance floor with Daniel, and having the time of his life (cause that's what he does on the daily). Can't wait to celebrate marrying the most amazing woman ever with him and Liz!

Pablo Santiago



Pah blo knew me fresh off the plane from Brazil when I first came to the US. He welcomed me right away and has been an amazing brother. We roomed together for a year and some change, played intramural basketball together (I've scored more than him so far) and is a Clippers fan, but I won't hold that against him. All jokes aside, Pablo is an awesome man of God and has taught me to slow down and trust that Christ is enough and that He's got it at all moments. He was also a huge encourager in my pursuit of Erin and has supported us since the very beginning of our relationship. Woah, just woah.

Zack Bliss


I met Zack while greeting people at my University's Week of Welcome. He was rolling up the hill to the dorms with a Nebraska car with surfboards on top, and we started talking about surfing. Now, he lives accross the street from the beach and ever since we met we've wiped out a lot, woke up way too early to get to the beach as soon as we could and built a friendship I will definitely carry for life. If you want a good laugh, a fun time and a friendship that honors Christ, definitely get to know Zack. If you want to find him at the wedding, find the group that is laughing the most and he will probably be the one telling the joke. Thankful to celebrate with this brother God gave me!
Susan Moyal